Support for Luppet will end on March 31, 2024. We recommend that you migrate to LuppetX, the upgrade version.

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This is the documentation for Luppet (Ver2.0.5).

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Main Screen Description


Use the RGB sliders to set the background color.
You can also select a background image. (Only 16: 9 images are supported.)

The right buttons allow you to Save, Load or Return to Greenback.


You can set the brightness options.
・Ambient light intensity
・The strength of the Bloom effect
・Strength of the exposure effect

The Bloom effect is applied only to the drawing of the character, so the background color does not blur on the character.

Webcam Calibration

After pressing the front-facing correction button in the lower right corner, wait for 5 seconds while facing the camera.
The angle of the face detected after 5 seconds will be considered as the frontal angle and the model will be corrected.

After pressing the “CALIBRATE” button, wait for 5 seconds in front of the camera, looking at the camera.
Corrects the model by considering the angle of the face detected at that time after 5 seconds as the front face.

LeapMotion Settings.

Change the reference position of the character’s hand. You can change it just by moving the red point with drag and drop.
I recommend (0.2,0) for characters with big breasts.

Character Positioning

・Right-click and drag: Rotate camera
・Wheel click and drag: move parallel.
・Turning the wheel: Zoom

This can be applied to capture video like this from an angle or from behind.

Lip Sync Settings.

voice-based lip-syncing.

Lip-syncing with the audio picked up from the microphone.

Lipsyncs with good accuracy to the pronunciation, with a maximum delay of 250ms.

Camera-based lip sync.

Lip-sync according to the mouth opening captured by the camera.

There is almost no delay, but the accuracy is slightly less than voice lip-syncing.

Character Adv Settings (Option)

This is a shoulder angle adjustment.
Depending on the model you selected , your model may have angry shoulders or slouching shoulders, so you need to compensate for that to some extent.

LeapMotion Adv Functions (Option)

Change the range of motion of your hands. For example, the horizontal scaling parameter solves the problem of a big-breasted character whose arms tend to be buried in her chest.

More Features (Option)

Ver 1.8.2 provides the following functions.
・The camera can be rotated 90 degrees.
・Verticalization of the window

Please note that this option can easily be turned on or off by developer.

Back to Character Selection.

Click the bottom left button to return to the character selection screen.