Support for Luppet will end on March 31, 2024. We recommend that you migrate to LuppetX, the upgrade version.

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This is the documentation for Luppet (Ver2.0.5).

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Registeration mail is not sent.

If you have problems with membership registration

If you do not receive an email to register, please check the following

1. Do you live in Thailand or China?
It has been reported that Luppet’s authentication server is unable to connect in some network environments in Thailand.
Similarly, in China, communication is unstable or unavailable due to GFW.

2. Please check your spam folder to make sure you are not receiving any emails.

If you use blacklist function with your email, consider adding “” to your white list.

3.Please use Gmail to register
Some email providers, including Hotmail, may not allow you to register as a member.