This is the documentation for Luppet (Ver2.0.5).

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Bug fixes and feature additions are summarized here.This is a machine translation.


◎Luppet now works with LeapMotion Gemini (v5.2).


◎Added the function to flip the motion (removed mirroring function)
◎Added shoulder angle correction for shrugging shoulders.
◎Fixed the problem with webcam tracking where the eyes would stare at a certain angle + reduced the range of movement of the eyes
◎Fixed and stabilized the server connection
◎Added forced update function
◎Stricter behavior of trial version


◎Fixed a bug in the linkage function with iFacialMocap (iOS app) that prevented linkage in some language environments.
◎Fixed the problem of half-eyes when using iFacialMocap with the iPhone in front of you.
◎Updated LeapMotion SDK to the latest version (4.7.1).


◎Added a function to link with iFacialMocap (iOS app).
◎Support Perfect Sync.
◎Fixed an issue that caused models to lean forward or hunch over when tracking with webcam.
◎Added an icon to indicate tracking status.
◎Fixed the rotation of the eyes to follow the value of the VRM settings (VRMLookAtHead and VRMLookAtBoneApplyer).
○Improved server connection process (loading time is slightly shorter).

For Detail(Japanese)


◎Added a function to skip the communication with server when the API server is not connected or is difficult to connect.
→When 10 seconds have passed since the start of the connection, the button that enables to skip the communication with the server will be displayed.

◎Added a function to skip the authentication process when the authentication server is not connected or is hard to connect.
→If we determine that the authentication server is down, we will configure the server to let you use Luppet without the authentication process.

For Detail(Japanese)


◎There was a bug in UniVRM 0.61 that prevented the VRM collider from working properly, so we’ve updated to 0.61.1 to fix it.(Related


◎Made the hand movements more human when the hand tracking was off.
◎Solved the problem of unstable operation when switching recording devices. (When using exclusive control microphones and some Bluetooth microphones, the operation was unstable.
◎VRM files are now automatically imported in lobby scene without requiring a restart.
◎We have our own log system in place before we support Luppet. From now on, it will be easier to support.
◎The version of UniVRM embedded in Luppet was updated from 0.55 to 0.61. If you have any problem, We recommend you to export your model with 0.61.1
○Fixed a bug in the option to rotate the camera by 90 degrees under certain conditions.
○Screen size is now corrected at startup. If the 16:9 resolution is broken for some reason, rebooting will fix it.


◎The default mode of face recognition was changed back to the version 1.9.0 basis (higher load than Ver1.9.1). (but the load is a little less than 1.9.0 .)
◎Low load face recognition mode (Ver1.9.1 basis) was added to ‘More Features’.
◎Restored ‘Flip horizontal’ in ‘More Features’.
◎Settings of ‘More Features’ are now inherited for the next time the application is started.
○Fixed the problem of unnatural outlines in some character drawings.


System Update:

◎Significantly improved processing to reduce the CPU and GPU load. (40-50% improvement)
◎Fixed the problem that the program could not be started if the startup path contained a blank. (This problem was occurring in version 1.9.0.)
◎Abolished the startup dialog, and now it starts more quickly.
◎Add System Settings to the lobby scene.
  ◎Added frame rate settings. You can select 60fps or 30fps.
  ○You can change the window size.
  ○You can select the drawing quality level.
◎Replaced the default character with the latest VRoid compliant model.
○Removed some “Advanced Features”.

Character Update:

◎Updated audio lip-sync library and improved lip-sync behavior.
◎Fixed an issue where the character would stagger and lean depending on tracking conditions.
○Made character movements a little more agile
◎Improved character movement after recovering from tracking failure
○The default shoulder angle adjustment parameter was 0.136, but it has been changed to 0.(0 is better for the Vroid model.)



◎Allows the user to choose whether the facial expression operation should also work in the background. (Adding check boxes.)

◎The Unity splash screen is disabled and faster to launch.
○We have made it possible to link to the announcements so that we can provide you with the right information.
○Make “look for a solution” when an error occurs follow the latest document. (The English version opens the English version of the document.)
○Corrected the watermark of trial version and, Buy License Link now appears at the same time.

Bug fix:

◎Crash bug caused by the PC account name is solved.
○Corrected the wording when audio lip sync failed.
○Fixed a problem with sound.
○Fixed a part of the English version of the UI that was broken.


Bug Fix

◎stop working when using a character with few eye bones.


○Fix:Fine adjustment of body movements


User Interface

○Fixed the problem that the button could be hit repeatedly on the login screen.


◎Fixed camera-based lip-syncing to close the mouth when tracking is off.
◎Fix bug that existed in version 1.7.0 that caused the finger to bend funny at the start of tracking.
○Slightly modified IK tested in version 1.8.0


User Interface

○Fixed an issue where English was displayed for all users when setting the first word. (The display follows the language setting of the PC.)
○We now make all scene transitions Fade.
○Fix the first scene was completely dark, but now the background and Loading indicator is displayed.
○The wording for Japanese users (Account whose PC name is not a half-width alphanumeric character) has been revised.


◎The specification that the application ends at the time of language setting was changed so that it returns to the first scene without ending.
◎The notice from the operation is displayed.
◎Corrects an issue where OVRLipSync generates a frame error every frame when the microphone cannot be obtained, resulting in about 1 FPS + fallback to camera-style lip sync
◎Issue an error dialog when a camera fails to initialize.


◎Correct eye tilt to facing orientation base (As it did not work in Ver 1.7.0, it was corrected and improved.)
◎Improved Delay for Voice-Based LipSync + Stabilized Delay Amount (Support by izm)
◎The behavior of the character when it is removed from the camera has been improved. (Support by izm)
◎It has improved a little bit that I always have a posture of showing my chest.



◎It is designed to work even on models that do not have non-essential bones such as thumb and neck.
◎When the model is imported,issue dialogs which tells what bone is missing.

◎Smoothed hand movement.
◎Corrects that the expand range option was not working properly
○Modify the default reference position for LeapMotion


◎UniVRM Update (0.53 to 0.55)
◎Weight reduction by reviewing logic
○Corrects translation errors in English and Chinese
○Fixes a bug in which a newline code is mixed in an email address
○The UI display was partially broken in languages other than Japanese.
○Updated the sample Sendagaya Shibu model to the latest Droid.


Advanced Functions

○Corrected an error in mirroring.
○I fixed the problem that the screen doesn’t work well.
○Fixed an issue that caused the full screen to disappear when the menu is opened.
○The characters are made smaller with the expression key assignment.



The expression manipulation was improved.
I relaxed the hand of the default character.


○Allow setting of background image (16: 9 only)


◎You can now set the light angle. Color palette is also adopted.

Advanced Functions

◎[Add Window Portrait Feature] (
(The aspect ratio will be 9:16. This is a function for vertical video chat and LuppetCafe.)


○Fixed the fine Typo.
◎Corrects an issue that could cause the UI to play double



◎The display when an error occurs is made easier to understand.



◎We raised the walking detection threshold to improve the character walking quickly.


◎The error log is displayed when there is no recording device.
◎Created the language setting UI.
◎Simplified Chinese support.
○Added sound to all of the UI.



○This has reduced the problem of character jiggling caused by 60 fps.

Camera system

○Corrected because the camera operation using the mouse was reversed


◎Lightweight behavior and improved frame rate. (Core i7 7700 K at 60 FPS.)
◎The UniVRM version is now 0.53.
◎If the language setting on your PC is set to English, the Luppet interface will automatically translate to English.
○Fixed an issue where vertical synchronization was not running for a given Quality.
○Remove cosmetic options
○The error wording of the Japanese folder user name was difficult to understand, so it was corrected.
◎Changes to the latest version download link at the time of version upgrade (Especially for Luppet Pro/Enterprise, the download link could not be reached without Booth purchase history, this will be resolved in 1.5. 0 onwards.)



◎Reverted the mirroring to an advanced setting and made the default normal.



◎Fixing some characters that looked strange
◎I made the whole mirror image.
◎Fixed a bug in the front settings.


○Pro/Enterprise support.



○Corrects an outline display error on some models
○Corrects the mirror image of the tilt of the head and neck.


○Text license instead of inside app (It is included with application.)
○Show the version of the UniVRM you are using.



◎Corrects the front setting.
○Corrects body tilt when moving from side to side (I tried to walk a little bit.)

User Interface

◎Countdown for screen shot.
○Tweak UI


○The default model is the latest version of Shibu-chan from VRoid.


◎Fine-tune audio lip sync
◎Correct errors in the screen



◎The reference position can also be set upward.
◎Add Adjustable Magnification

Lip Sync System

◎Improved stability
◎Add microphone switching function
◎Microphone gain adjustment function added
○Minor improvements have been made with audio lip sync.
○0.8 to 1 maximum for image-based lip sync

Face Tracking System

◎The direction of my face and the reversal of LeapMotion were not consistent, so I adjusted it.


◎The position of the hand suppressed the roughness of the elbow.
◎The camera function was not working, so I corrected it.
◎You can switch back to character selection from the main scene.
○The wording of the shoulder angle was strange, so it was revised.
◎Added more advanced features.
-By using it jointly with OBS, it was possible to effectively utilize Luppet vertically.
-Added function to prevent lip synching when wearing facial expressions.
-Add a function to skip


◎Corrected since voice-based lip-sync did not work in some environments in Ver 1.3.4


◎Corrected because OVRLipSync did not work on Ver 1.3.3
◎Corrected since there was a bug in Ver 1.3.3 where blinking and facial expression competed with each other.


◎Smooth Camera Image Based Lip Sync
◎Camera image easier to close mouth when lip sync
◎Lip Sync Modify (I stopped the limited lip sync.)
◎Change the reference position of LeapMotion and create its UI (Big boobs are saved.)
◎Optimization of hand position when tracking is lost
◎Add Shoulder Compensation Option
◎It was not possible to use a user name rather than a Japanese pass, so it was repaired.


◎Corrects an issue in which the key assignments of the facial expression keys do not match the actual facial expression
◎The maximum value in the background color setting was 256, but it was changed to 255.
◎Unintended PostProcess was included, so fix it to erase it


◎Fixed thumb rotation.
◎Configuration UI Creation
◎Add function to change background color + Create UI
◎Add camera image-based lip-sync + UI creation
◎Modifying the animation of the character on the character selection screen with your feet closed
◎Corrected so that an error occurs when an application is opened in a directory containing Japanese.
◎Corrected so that it opens correctly when you press the button with the button to open the additional folder of the character.
◎Corrects an issue in which the trial version text may appear even though you are logged in correctly with the account you paid for


First release!