Support for Luppet will end on March 31, 2024. We recommend that you migrate to LuppetX, the upgrade version.

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This is the documentation for Luppet (Ver2.0.5).

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Required Equipment


Minimum specs for operation.

OS Windows10(64bit)
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or higher
CPU Equivalent to or better than Intel Core i5-4460
メモリ 8GB RAM

It is strongly recommended that you try out the demo version before you buy to see if it works as expected on your PC.
(There is almost no difference in functionality between the trial version and the paid version.)


(Store in Japan.)

3. Neck Mounter.

Luppet combines the LeapMotion with a smartphone holder and uses the LeapMotion around your neck.

phone holder
You can purchase them from this.(in Japan)
LeapMotion fixture (white one)
3D print your own
(in Japan)

Although it is difficult to obtain a fixation device, some users fix the LeapMotion between appropriate objects as shown in the following image.

4.Web Camera

I think anything that is sold as a webcam will work.
(The developers are using an eMeets C800 webcam.)

Notebook users can use the built-in camera.

・If the camera is capable of shooting at 60fps, the face recognition accuracy will be slightly better.
・The wider the angle of view, the wider the range of facial tracking.